Sunday, August 17, 2008

My little sister, Paige, was in town for a soccer camp, EFY, and a visit with her big sisters. We had a fun few days spending time with family, camping, going to the Pioneer Day Pageant in Nephi, etc. Since none of us had ever been inside Timpanogos caves, we decided to make the hike on Monday morning. The scenery was beautiful and we enjoyed the sisterly bonding. The caves were cold, but the formations were intriguing - it's amazing how malleable rock can be over time. After the hike, the girls day out continued with a trip to Smokehouse for some barbecue and pizza and then on to the cinema to see Mama Mia. Thanks, Bethany and Paige, for the great day!

A few pictures from the Pioneer Day Pageant in Nephi. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa, Uncle Kent and Aunt Jan for inviting us and for the hamburgers! It was an excellent production and it really helped us appreciate our pioneer ancestry and the sacrifices they made for their faith.

Paige inside the Timpanogos caves with the "popcorn" formations on the ceiling.

Bethany in front of the Caramel Falls rock formation. It's supposed to look like an ice cream sundae, but it doesn't look very appetizing to me.

We made it! Paige, Andrea and Bethany inside Timpanogos Caves. It was cold, but definitely a worthwhile excursion!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Greg's New Job

I know it has been a really long time since I last posted. Since my sister-in-law is the one who has inspired me to update my blog, this one's for you, Meka. Though only a short one to start because I have to get ready for work!

Greg finished his studies at BYU on June 19th. After a whirlwind trip to Florida, (updates and pictures from that to come), he started work with Stock Building Supply in their Management Training program on June 25th, working in Salt Lake City with a newly acquired subsidiary, Architectural Building Supply. So far, he is loving it. There's a lot to do and even more to learn. His assignment with ABS will last one year, after which they will place him somewhere throughout the U. S. He works ten-hour days and takes the bus to and from Salt Lake, so it makes for a very long day for him. Thanks for working so hard for me, honey! If you want to see more information on the company, check out and (That's mostly for my mom, but anyone else is welcome to browse as well.)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Harry Potter Premiere

Our office rented out a theater for the Harry Potter premiere and offered prizes if you attended in costume. I opted for an easy outfit and went as Hermione. Bethany, my little sister, went all out as Dobby. She stole the show and made us smile the whole night.
Bethany as Dobby for the Harry Potter 5 movie premier. Doesn't she look fabulous?

Alaska Trip: 29 Jun to 6 Jul

Here are a few pictures of the highlights from our cruise to Alaska. They are in no real order, I just posted them the way they transferred over from the camera. Enjoy!
Bon Voyage! At the back of the ship, leaving the port of Seattle behind. Alaska, here we come!
On the 4X4 at the Takshanuk camp in Haines, AK. Greg loved driving on the bumpy trails and I just enjoyed the scenery.
Getting all set up for sea kayaking in Prince Rupert, British Colombia. The good pictures from this excursion are on our disposable camera...we didn't want to ruin the nice camera in the event of a tip-over.
On the observation deck during our cruise through Tracy Arm Fjord, just enjoying the scenery. Someone came by and thought we looked so cute like this, she said she just couldn't pass up taking a picture and demanded our camera.
Here we are with our ice axes and helmets and crampons during our glacier hike in Juneau. It was by far the best part of the trip!
This is Greg in his trekking gear in the ice cave. Sorry it's a little fuzzy, my lens was fogging.
This is the glacier at the end of the Tracy Arm Fjord. This is as close as we could get in the cruise ship. The weather was so great and the water was so calm. Check out all the ice chunks in the water! Those are just the little pieces.
This is Greg ice climbing on the Mendenhall Glacier. He was the first one to go and he flew right up to the top. Everyone was impressed!

This is a picture from inside one of the ice caves at the Mendenhall Glacier. We crawled down through another entrance and this was the exit. It was incredible!